General Criminal Cases

Embezzlement & Financing of Terrorism

A mother is placed under investigation for embezzlement and financing of terrorism. She was notably accused of sending modest sums of money to her daughter, who had left while still a minor and was under the influence of a radicalized individual.

YL Avocats is representing her defense and, during the investigative phase, filed a motion for annulment.

While the case was being referred to the criminal court, YL Avocats identified a procedural irregularity that infringed upon the defendant’s rights and successfully obtained the case’s referral back to the investigative phase.

Simultaneously, YL Avocats filed a priority question of constitutionality, considering that there exists a paradoxical injunction for parents facing the prohibition of providing for the basic needs of their children (due to the offense of financing terrorism) and their financial obligations under parental authority and spousal duties.