YL Avocats was founded in 2019 by Marc Baillly and Gabriel Dumenil. Located in the 17th quarter, near the Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris, the firm is known for its proactive defense in white-collar/criminal litigation and complex business cases.

YL Avocats is a renowned French law firm known for its expertise in criminal, white-collar and business litigation. To address the most complex legal disputes requiring the involvement of experts, we have established strong relationships with Best Friends law firms in France and abroad, particularly in the fields of corporate law, restructuring, labor law, public law, tax law, and banking law.

YL Avocats collaborates closely with one of the top crisis management and communications firms in highly sensitive legal disputes.

The firm provides legal assistance and pro bono support to victims of criminal offenses.
YL Avocats is also involved in the defense of human rights alongside various associations.


Aware of the inherent uncertainty in judicial decisions and the protracted nature of legal proceedings, we establish, for the most complex litigations and from the initial days of our intervention, an Action Plan and we provide recommendations enabling the client to grasp all possible scenarios and choose the path toward the best outcome.


Because litigation is a critical period, we believe in maintaining a delicate connection with our clients to support them to the fullest, ensuring never to leave any questions unanswered.


We promote a pragmatic approach in defending the interests of our clients in negotiations or before the courts. Our firm approaches the negotiation phase with the same level of precision and preparation as we do with the trial phase.