General Criminal Cases

Cold Case (affaire Bardon – Kulik)

YL Avocats law firm is representing the sole defendant in one of the most complex and high-profile criminal cases of the past thirty years.

This legal proceeding provided the law firm with an opportunity to question numerous expert opinions, particularly in the field of DNA and familial DNA techniques. YL Avocats vehemently contested, using all available legal recourse, the use of ‘voice analysis expertise’ and the evidentiary value of such elements.

Following the initial conviction, the law firm succeeded in securing the client’s release and requested a change of jurisdiction for the case, a request that was granted by the Cour de cassation.

Subsequent to the conviction in the appeals court, YL Avocats decided to appeal to the Cour de cassation, particularly based on the grounds of the motivation behind the defendant’s guilt. Despite the appeal being rejected, the law firm continues to defend the client before the European Court of Human Rights to demonstrate their innocence and the procedural issues that have plagued a case spanning over twenty years