Business Litigation

Contractual Non-Performance

A Chinese import/export company had placed an order for medical equipment in the context of the COVID-19 health crisis (three million thermometers). The contracting company had received a substantial down payment but had never delivered the thermometers and had ceased all communication.

YL Avocats was engaged to recover the down payment.

Our firm collaborated with our private investigator to identify the assets of the defaulting company, whose parent company was registered in the Netherlands, as well as the activities of its legal representative.

YL thus identified assets in the European Union and an ongoing bank account seizure procedure in the Netherlands. YL Avocats, in conjunction with its partner law firm in the Netherlands, obtained a decision serving as an enforceable title to access the frozen funds in the bank account of the defaulting company. YL joined the bank account seizure procedure, with the frozen funds enabling the recovery of the entire debt.